The color/word “blue”

evokes a variety of different emotions depending on the context. As a music form “The Blues” offered musicians the opportunity to express the personal woes they battled with due to living in a world filled with sadness, oppression, and cruelty. 

When we think

about the blues of the ocean we realize that water has a destructive nature to it, but it is also needed to preserve and maintain human life. The blues of the ocean look devastating during a tsunami but brings us tranquility and peace when relaxing on a beach. As people we are constantly fascinated by the deep blue sea because much like life there are still so many things unknown to us...

The blue of the sky

provides us with hope and faith and it inspires us to believe that the sky is the limit. Despite what oppositions we face, the blue sky reminds us that we can go beyond the limitations placed against us and that we are in complete control of our destiny. 


Our looks

Nameless Blues

This collection entitled Nameless Blues, draws on the different blues we experience as individuals. Our ability to deal with the “blues” in our life will determine how we make our name and the lasting impact we will have on those around us. To make our dreams a reality we have to risk it all and dive into the deep blue sea. The blues of life can bring us pain, but the blue in the sky reminds us that joy can come through the struggle.